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Peace Arch Curling Centre

After many years of preparation, the rebuilding of the Peace Arch Curling Club began in April 2010. By then the project had expanded with the club becoming part the new Centre for Active Living – a partnership between Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, White Rock/South Surrey Foundation, the City of White Rock, and PACC.

  • Size: approx: 10,801 sf

  • Location: White Rock, BC

  •  White Rock Recreation, Culture facility and wellness resource centre

UNBC Northern Sports Centre

The Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre includes three basketball courts, two indoor fields, an elevated indoor track, two squash courts, fitness rooms and equipment, food service area, public change rooms and washrooms, storage areas, and a multi-purpose meeting room. The facilities also include pull out bleachers to seat 2,000 spectators for sporting events.

  • Size: 145, 000 sf

  • Location: Prince George, BC

  • High-performance sport facility

Cuckoos Rest Farm Riding Arena

A rigid frame indoor metal building arena with a lean-to for the stall area and a two-story concrete structure for the office, apartment, and tack area. This building is a practice facility for competitive jumping. The interior is beautifully trimmed with hardy board, and includes a viewing area of the arena.

  • Size: approx: 10,801 sf

  • Location: White Rock, BC

  •  White Rock Recreation, Culture facility and wellness resource centre

Whistler Peak 2 Peak

PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola Terminal Project delivered on Schedule, on Budget

“It was very important that the building itself be very iconic,” said David Thompson. “The moment I looked at the structure I developed a concept in my mind of how it could be built and remain iconic while drastically reducing the budget.”

Instead of hiding the steel structure behind a façade, Cannon designed the terminals to embrace its steel structure, using translucent panels to show the beams inside the walls. Colony was able to keep the spirit of the original building, while converting the architect’s conventional steel design into a pre-engineered hybrid building which was much more cost efficient.

  • Size: 24,000 sf

  • Location: Whistler, BC

Whistler Olympic Plaza

The 4-acre Whistler Olympic Plaza has become the principal venue for special events within the Village including concerts, recreation, arts and cultural gatherings, and community celebrations. This commercial construction project was completed on schedule on August 27, 2011 and opened to a performance from the Sam Roberts Band taken in by 5,000 spectators. This venue continues to be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

  • Size: 33,170 sf

  • Location: Whistler, BC

  • Audience capacity for up to 6,000 

Mildred Lake Mine

Mildred Lake is an Oil Sands Mine (Alberta) in Canada. Syncrude’s Mildred Lake Mine Replacement (MLMR) project came online in fall 2014.

  • Project Timeline: 2012- 2014

  • Location: Edmonton, ABC

  • Work Scope: design, dupply, fabricate, deliver and erect structural steel, erect modules on site

Viking Air

To support expanding operations for the Series 400 Twin Otter production and ongoing de Havilland legacy aircraft operators’ customer support, Viking has added a new facility at its Victoria, BC location. The new building was officially opened in December 2009, and would serve as Viking’s corporate head quarters and main manufacturing facility. The additional space has allowed Viking to customize and develop production operations in line with leading-edge quality systems and continuous improvement targets, crucial to supporting the Series 400 Twin Otter production program launched in 2007.

  • Size: 84,000 sf

  • Location: Saanich, BC

Diavik Mines

Crusher Building, Paste Backfill Plant and Chute Work, Acid Storage, Arctic Corridor, Mine Air Heater Structural Steel, Powerhouse, Water Treatment Plant, Alum Polymer Storage, Truckshop: pre-engineered steel buildings, composite foam panel walls and roof, crane beams, monorails, floor steel, installation of these items.

  • Location: Lac de Gras, NWT

Conair Hangar

Hangar, Office/Shop, Maintenance Facility/Paint Booth, Pump House: pre-engineered steel buildings, walls and roof, insulation, crane beams, monorails, floor steel, Megadoors, installation of these items.

  • Size: 250,000 sf

  • Location: Abbotsford, BC

Adams Lake Sawmill

This facility was a very large addition to the existing facilities at the Adams Lake site. It ties into two existing buildings (one that was built by Colony and one that was built by another contractor). The sawmill was constructed on top of a pedestal system made up of conventional steel which was also used to support equipment.  The building itself supported numerous monorails and cranes as well as several mezzanine and operating floors.

  • Size: approx: 130,000 sf

  • Location: Chase, BC

  •  White Rock Recreation, Culture facility and wellness resource centre

MEG Energy

Colony re-engineered these buildings utilizing a hybrid pre-engineered/conventional steel design which allowed the engineers design the process to have more flexibility.  There were also numerous loads to be supported by our steel including pipe racks, cable trays, equipment platforms, overhead bridge cranes (50 tonne x 90’-0” span in Gas Turbine Building), etc.

  • Size: approx: 60,000 sf

  • Location: Christina Lake, AB

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