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Concrete Tilt-Up

What is a Concrete Tilt-Up?

Tilt-Up construction is essentially a series of concrete slabs that are formed and cast on-site and then tilted up into place to form a building’s exterior wall.  These concrete panels typically contain a layer of foam insulation which is cast between the two sides of the panel (known as a sandwich panel) and they can be cast on-site or beforehand offsite (known as pre-cast).  The wall panels can then be painted directly or exterior siding/cladding can be added to gain the desired appearance.  Certain building geometry is necessary to make this design economically feasible (ie wall height less than building width).  Overall, this construction type results in a very clean, professional-looking building that easily passes permitting in almost any local authority. 

Typical Applications

Truck and Warehouse
Commercial Buildings

Mixed-use multi-tenant strata, retail, office buildings

Empty Factory
Light Industrial Buildings

Manufacturing, food/beverage processing facilities

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Warehouse Buildings

Warehousing & distribution buildings


Concrete Tilt-Up?

Concrete tilt-up represents a cost-effective approach to concrete construction. Tilt-up construction is exactly what it sounds like: We tilt up the walls of a new structure. Reducing construction time-frame while maintaining excellent quality is often important to our clients. With tilt-up construction, we control the critical path through the construction schedule.

Specifically, concrete wall panels are formed laying flat, using a floor slab that has already been placed. When the wall panels have cured to the proper strength, they are lifted by crane and lowered into position.

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Appearance – clean, simple & beautiful

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Durability - Lasts longer & resistant to impact

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Security - Concrete walls keep thieves out

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Why Colony? Synergistex and Absolute Transparency!

"Why Colony? Synergistex and Absolute Transparency!" When you work with Colony, we have a conversation early on about a reasonable fee and rates for any Colony personnel and equipment. Once we’ve come to an agreement on those, we operate with ABSOLUTE transparency, offering our clients a peek behind the curtain—full disclosure, every line item and every supporting document, such as RFP’s to suppliers and their corresponding quotations and subcontracts. Once we've all agreed on the overall estimate, Colony locks it into a lump sum agreement, taking on the full financial risk of the project to completion.


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