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Conventional Steel Buildings

What are Conventional Steel Buildings?

Prior to pre-engineered steel systems, a conventional steel building design using hot-rolled wide flange members (I-beams) from your local steel mill was the only option if you wanted a tall structure with a significant clearspan that timber construction couldn’t achieve.  These buildings are very diverse and can be small, large, complex, simple, awesome, boring…you name it.  If you are looking for a unique building design with esthetic architectural features then building with conventional steel surely will be your best option.

Typical Applications

Viking Air - Production Floor.JPG
Commercial Buildings

Mixed-use multi-tenant strata, retail, office buildings

Redco Completed Work.png
Light Industrial Buildings

Manufacturing, food/beverage processing facilities

Other Steel Structures

Conveyor towers, process steel/platforms, radio towers, etc


Why use Conventional Steel Buildings

At Colony, we made our name in quality steel constructions, and can apply this expertise in constructing conventional building types. Conventional steel buildings are constructed by rolled steel sections which are designed individually and fabricated at the site using welding and cutting, offering the ability to design a unique building.

Here are but a few of the many benefits of incorporating conventional steel into your building design:

  • It’s highly durable – conventional steel structures won’t bend or break because of heavy loads. They also won’t rot, decay, crack, or deteriorate over time.

  • It’s highly customizable – conventional steel is highly flexible and can be fabricated according to your specifications.

  • It’s highly resistant – conventional steel is resistant to termites, fungus, and mold and natural elements such as earthquakes, floods, lightning, fires, etc.

  • It’s highly predictable – conventional steel components can be designed, fabricated, and installed fast due to the predictability and accuracy of the building materials. They’re also cost-effective and eco-friendly.

creative-design (1).png

Flexibility – anything is possible: build taller, support greater loads, and add more features.

sketch (2).png
sketch (3).png

Make it Fancy!!

Create an architectural masterpiece

clock (1).png

Quick to Erect – with repeatability of members and connection types

The Colony Way

We estimate the project transparently showing all costs and our fee.  This allows us to work together as allies to tender all designs and trades and value engineer the project to meet your budget prior to proceeding. Then we lock into a fixed-price contract to build it for you.

Having the builder hire and manage the architect and all design consultants produces a much more efficient and cost-effective design.


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