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Our Core Values

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Do the right thing

Every company SAYS they’re ethical when nothing’s on the line, but Colony DOES the right thing no matter what it costs us.

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Success is in the Details

Assuming that everything will work itself out is an invitation for failure. Be proactive and get into the details.

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Go Home Healthy

No matter what the cost, everyone we work with will go home healthy to their families every day.

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Learn today, succeed tomorrow

Mistakes are great! …as long as you learn from them and share the experience with others so everyone can improve.

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Do what you say you’re going to do

Talk is cheap; follow-through takes effort. Commit to a plan, execute, and own the results.

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Happy to Help

Regardless of how busy you are, don’t wait to be asked to lend a helping hand. “It’s not my job” isn’t in our language.

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