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Colony is a fast-paced construction company made up of fun and intelligent people working together as a team.  Our vision for the company is Building Happiness.  This is something we strive to do in every interaction we have with our teammates, our customers, our suppliers, and our community.  One of our defining core values is Doing the Right Thing, no matter what it costs us.  We believe in working hard, but also maintaining a healthy balance in our lives and our families. 

We will not typically be the lowest bid contractor, but we will have the best quality, safety, and schedule adherence with the least amount of frustration due to expensive change orders.  We invest heavily in pre-planning, schedule development, quality management, supplier screening, site safety, and having the most experienced and educated people for the job.  Colony has particular expertise in the supply and install of complex steel structures for large mining, forestry, aviation, and oil & gas projects. We have been in operation for 35 years and we have a large resume comprised of over 570 projects on 4 continents including projects in nearly every province and territory in Canada. 

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Complex building projects require an experienced building manufacturer as a partner. Butler Manufacturing was founded in 1901 on the idea that they could build a better product, and they’ve been honing that steel building design expertise for nearly 120 years. Their team has delivered most of the industry’s major advancements. Over the decades, they’ve held more than 50 patents, including the industry’s first weathertight standing-seam metal roof. Butler has become the “Kleenex” of the metal building industry and a “Butler Building” has now become synonymous with a Pre-Engineered Steel Building.

In the past 5 years, Butler has designed and manufactured approximately 11,240 buildings located throughout North America. The estimated total value of these projects is in excess of $2.6B.

Today, it is home to the industry’s only privately owned Guarded Hot Box, a testing apparatus to quantify energy efficiency on all their roof and wall panel systems.   Butler continually invests in manufacturing and engineering technology to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency. Their manufacturing facilities operate with state-of-the-art robotic welders, automated beam rotators, fiber laser cutting systems, CNC machines, and automated coil slitters.

We have partnered with many different pre-engineered building manufacturers over our 35 years as a builder and we can say with confidence that no other company in the industry can offer the quality, service, experience, and expertise that they have.  It’s with this partnership that we can build you the best steel building that will deliver you and your customer the best possible value over time.

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“We challenged Colony with a remote site, extreme winter conditions, altering schedules, and the coordination of working alongside multiple contractors. They responded with cost-effective solutions, detailed schedules, and deployment of the work on a timely basis. Their attention to details, their open and honest responses and their flexibility to Owners demands is why we will continue to work with Colony on future projects”

IMPERIAL METALS, Denis Bernardi – Manager, Contracts & Purchasing

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