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Pre-Engineered Steel

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What are Pre-Engineered Buildings?

When the structural steel, roof, and wall systems for a building are packaged together in a one-stop, manufactured solution.  Rather than designing to standard steel member sizes, each manufacturer uses software to custom design a tapered profile to each column and rafter.  Three pieces of plate steel are then welded together to make each member, giving you the strength where you need it and no extra steel where you don’t.  This allows pre-eng steel frames to span clearspans over 300’ whereas typical conventional steel gets very expensive beyond spans of 60’.  Cold-formed secondary steel (sheet metal) vs heavy hot rolled steel also helps to make this the most affordable building solution out there.

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Types of Pre-Engineered Buildings?

Rigid Frame Buildings

You asked for flexibility… We listened. Our Rigid Frame buildings are custom built to your desired specifications. Each frame is individually engineered to accommodate the loads and clearances needed for your application. We challenge you to make us think outside the box!

Hybrid Steel Systems

The best of both worlds: the flexibility of conventional steel frames with the affordability of pre-engineered secondary steel, roof & wall systems.

Some of the benefits include

  • Significantly less steel = more affordable design.

  • More flexible to changes.

  • Faster building reactions.

  • Use of standard design practices for structural engineers.

Typical Applications

Heavy Industrial Buildings

Mines, sawmills, airplane hangars & water treatment plants

Light Industrial/Commercial Buildings

Manufacturing, warehousing, agriculture, etc

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Sports Arenas

Where very large clear spans are required

A comparison of pre-eng steel vs conventional steel frames

Why use Pre-Engineered Buildings?

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Affordability – most affordable building solution out there

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Large Clear Span Capability – the only option for huge clearspans

Quick to Erect & Expandable – easy to design for future additions

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Arched Roof
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Gipaanda Greenhouses
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The Colony Way

We estimate the project transparently showing all costs and our fee.  This allows us to work together as allies to tender all designs and trades and value engineer the project to meet your budget prior to proceeding. Then we lock into a fixed-price contract to build it for you.

Having the builder hire and manage the architect and all design consultants produces a much more efficient and cost-effective design.


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