Pre-engineered metal building facilities are in high-demand as companies are turning to innovative designs for cost-effective construction.  A variety of these buildings are used extensively in industry, agriculture, sports arenas, forestry, air hangars, and commercial and retail construction.


Rigid Frame Buildings

Our Rigid Frame buildings are custom built to your desired specifications. Each frame is individually engineered to accommodate the loads and clearances needed for your application



Conventional steel buildings are constructed with rolled steel sections which are designed individually and fabricated at site using welding and cutting, offering the ability to design a building with very unique features.


The benefits of conventional steel:

  • Durable

  • Customizable

  • Predictable



Sometimes the best solution is good old-fashioned red iron construction. We’ve designed, supplied, and installed thousands of tons of conventional steel for heavy industrial structures in the fields of mining, oil and gas, hydroelectric, forestry, and more.



Some clients and municipalities just prefer concrete.  The tilt-up solution represents a cost-effective approach to concrete.  It’s exactly what it sounds like: the concrete wall panels are formed laying flat then lifted and tilted by a crane into position.  This can often reduce the construction schedule while providing a high-quality solution.   


  • Fire resistance

  • Strength and longevity

  • Increased security

  • Low Maintenance

  • Shortened construction schedule



Roof Systems

A steel roof system will outlast any other type of roof and it adds style, beauty & character to your building’s design. 


Types of metal roof systems:

  • Standing Seam

  • Screw Down

  • Insulated Metal Panel

  • Fire Rated Assemblies


Miscellaneous Metals

Colony offers both supply and install of miscellaneous metals in our projects. This can include:


  • stairs, ladders & handrails

  • platforms and landings

  • connection plates

  • embedded metals

  • steel bollards

And More…


Conventional Steel Components

Structural steel is a versatile building material and it is often required piece by piece to suit various designs:

  • Angles, HSS or I-Beams

  • Metal Decking

  • Metal Joists

  • Stainless Steel Beams


Wall Systems

Metal wall systems are extremely durable and weather resistant and they don’t need to look like the outside of a barn. 


Types of metal wall systems:

  • Single Skin Panels

  • Tested thermal assemblies

  • Insulated Metal Panel

  • Fire Rated Assemblies

Purlins and Girts

Purlins and girts are the secondary steel components that create the walls and roof of a building.  A girt is a horizontal structural member in a framed wall that provides lateral support to the wall panel to resist wind loads.  Purlins run parallel to the building eave and are supported by rafters or columns.  Purlins add rigidity to the roof and mid-span support to allow longer spans for a wider building.

Purlins and Girts.jpg

Building Accessories

Grouping the building accessories such as commercial overhead doors or glazing packages into the metal building scope can save tens of thousands of dollars in coordination and scope gap reduction.


Colony can include the following with our steel building packages:

  • Roll-Up or Sectional Overhead Doors

  • Walk Doors

  • Large Bi-Fold Doors

  • Storefront Doors/Glazing

  • Door Canopies/Overhangs

  • Windows & Curtain Wall

  • Mechanical Fans & Louvres

  • Electrical High Bay Lighting

  • Sprinkler Systems

And More…