Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered metal building facilities are in high-demand as companies are turning to innovative construction for cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable operations. Pre-engineered steel buildings are economical and suitable for many applications and are growing in demand as companies turn for more innovative, cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable operations. Pre-engineered steel buildings are used extensively in industry, agriculture, recreation, forestry, air hangars, and commercial and retail construction. The use of pre-engineered steel reduces erection time and delivers better quality assurance under all weather conditions.

Rigid Frame Buildings

You asked for flexibility… We listened. Our Rigid Frame buildings are custom built to your desired specifications. Each frame is individually engineered to accommodate the loads and clearances needed for your application. We challenge you to make us think outside the box!

Frameless Buildings

A unique look with massive clear-span capabilities, our Frameless Building is a problem eliminator! Extreme insulation specifications? Building on swampy soil? Food safe requirements? Unachievable clear-span? Ask us how a Frameless design may be the solution.

Frameless Roof System

Looking to benefit from the Frameless building’s unparalleled advantages, but prefer the appearance of concrete walls? The Frameless Roof System is capable of sitting directly on top of concrete, block, or other walls. Picture an economical tilt-up building with a 70m clear span!

Architectural Steel Structures
(Hybrid Building)

Creating a building that’s also a work of art takes a different mind set and a different approach. We work with architects at all stages of project development to find the building solution that will bring his or her vision to life while keeping an eye on the budget.


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